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Minerals Beginning with "B"

JC8931.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  5.5 x 8 cm  193g.  $50.00.   Chisel shaped crystals, with a smoky to amber color and highly translucent to transparent.   The upright crystal in he center has a large chip out of the termination, visible in this photo.
JC8931.  Another view. 
JC8931.  Another view. 
JC8932.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  7 x 7 cm  251g.  $75.00.    Minor chip/ding on a smaller crystal termination on the upper right, otherwise fairly clear of damage.  
JC8932.  Another view.  
JC8932.  Another view.  
JC8933.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  6.5 x 8.5 cm  384g. $75.00.    A 5.5 cm crystal standing vertically from the base of other crystals.  The main upright crystal has some minor dings on the left side of the termination, visible in the photo.  A couple of the other smaller crystals also have small dings/chips on their terminations.  
JC8934.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  5 x 7 cm  182g.  $45.00.   The upper left main crystal has a chip/ding on the left side of the termination visible in the photo, otherwise fairly clean of damage.     
JC8934.  Another view.  
JC8936Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  7 x 14 cm   712g.  $175.00.   The largest crystal is doubly terminated and 6 cm long.  The bottom end where it was in contact with the matrix is damaged, otherwise the other crystals  look pretty free of significant damage. 
JC8936.  Another view.  
JC8936.  Another view.
JC8937.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  5.5 x 6.5 cm  203g.  $35.00.  Some damage to three of the crystals.  
JC8937.  Another view.  
JC8937.  Another view. 
JC8938.  Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  4 x 7 cm   127g.  $25.00.  Dings on all of the crystals, visible in the photos. 
JC8938.  Another view.  
JC8939Barite.  Northumberland mine, Northumberland district, Toquima range, Nye county, Nevada.  5 x 7 cm  202g.  $50.00.  Chip out of the main crystal visible in the photo, but less obvious to the naked eye.   Small dings on two of the lesser crystals.  
JC8939.  Another view.   The white area on the main crystal is a growth defect, not damage.  The chip on the termination is above the white area.  
JC8939.  Another view.  
JC8811.   Barite, quartz.  Murray mine, Independence Mountains district, Elko county, Nevada.  5 x 6 cm  129g.  $18.00.   Cubic looking barite crystals coated with sparkly drusy quartz .  One time find of these from the mine.  The crack on the face is a shrinkage crack that does not extend into the matrix.  
JC8767.  Barite.  Northumberland mine,  Nye county, Nevada.   7 x 9 cm  434g.  $150.00.  Probably collected in the 1970's when several pockets were uncovered at this great barite locality.     A few minor chips here and there, overall in great shape. 
JC8767.  Another view.  
JC8767.  Another view.
JC8767.  Another view.
JC8495.  Barite on galena.  Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Province, Huánuco Department, Peru.  4 x 5.5 cm  113g.  $50.00.   Nicely situated spray of barite on shiny, silvery-blue galena crystals.  I chose this one for its showy aspect with the barites nicely situated on top of the galena.  There is one cleaved barite blade, and it is visible as the shiny edge in the middle of the barite in the photo below this one.   Purchased in 1997.
JC8495.  A view showing the one cleaved barite blade.  Not obvious when displayed as above. 
JC8495.  I over-exposed this one a bit to show the shiny galena better.  
JC8276.   Barite.  Cerro Warihuyn (Huarihuyn), Miraflores, Huamalíes Province, Huánuco Department, Peru.   3.5 x 4.5 cm  23g.  $35.00.   A sharp, complex single crystal. 
JC8276.  Back side
JC7924.  Barite, chalcocoite, pyrite.  Huanzala mine, Huallanca district, Dos de Mayo province, Huanuco department, Peru.  5 x 7 cm  106g.  $125.00.  Bright white barite crystals on a matrix of micro crystalline chalcocite and pyrite.  Chalcocite is one of the rarer minerals at Huanzala and very few specimens of it have been forthcoming from this mine.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7924.  Another view. 
JC7924.  Another view.  
JC7924.  Another view.  
JC7916.  Barite, quartz.   Murray mine, Jerritt canyon, Independence range, Elko county, Nevada.  3.7 x 5 cm  56g with stand.  $35.00.   Sparkly drusy quartz coating/partly coating white barite crystals. 
JC7916.  Another view.
JC7916.  Another view. 
JC7783.   Barite.   Meikle mine, Bootstrap district, Elko county, Nevada.  3.5 x 6.5 cm  58g.  $30.00.    One small cleaved crystal, otherwise in good shape.  
JC7783.  Another view.  
JC7781.   Barite, quartz.   Murray mine, Jerritt canyon, Independence range, Elko county, Nevada.  7 x 14 cm  586g.  $275.00.    Pseudo cubic barite crystals coated by sparkly drusy quartz.  These are no longer coming out from the mine, and represent one find in the ore zone several years ago.   This is a superior specimen from this find.  
JC7781.   Another view.  The yellowish color is a reflection, as the crystals are quite white.   
JC7738.   Barite, quartz.  Warm Springs, Tybo district, Hot Creek Range, Nye county, Nevada.   4 x 4.5 cm  68g.  $30.00.   Nice sharp crystal from this unusual location.  The front has the slightest hint of a sort of violet color, while the side is yellowish.   The back is coated with drusy quartz.  
JC7738.   Reverse
JC7474.   Barite.  Sidi Laheen mine, Nador, Nador province, Oriental region, Morocco.   5 x 5 x 7 cm wide.  225g. with stand.  $300.00   These have been coming out for a year or so now.  Most all of them have some damage or discoloration.  A fine group like this is quite unusual.  A tiny bit of limonite matrix is attached to the bottom.   There is one crystal, about dead center that has the very tip cleaved off.  It is invisible except on close inspection, and in no way detracts from the specimen.  This is a good one.   
JC7474.  Another view. 
JC7474.  Another view. 
JC7474.  Another view. 
JC7087.  Barite, pyrite.  Quiruvilca, Santiago de Chuca province, La Libertad department, Peru.  9 x 13 cm  $200.00    Up to 30 mm gray blades, 4 of which are cleaved, but not noticeable except on close inspection.  Ex. Dan Belsher collection #3180.  Collected prior to 1993.  One of the better examples of barite from Quiruvilca I have seen. 
JC7087.   Another view. 
JC6873.  Barite, quartz.  Xikuangshan mine, Hunan, China.   6 x 7 cm  208g.  $35.00.  6 x 6 cm crystal on drusy quartz backing.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC5948.    Barite.  Stoneham, Weld county, Colorado.  A 3.7 cm crystal.  $8.00.   C:1960's
JC6791.  Barite.  Cerro Huarihuayun, Miraflores nr. Llata, Huamalalies prov., Huanuco dept., Peru.   5.5 x 6 cm  153g  Now $200.00.    A 4.5 cm single crystal with smaller ones in front of it.  There is a small saw mark on the front of the matrix as can be seen in the photo.  Very nice crystals.  They are slightly darker in real life, and highly translucent to transparent in places.  The larger crystal has been repaired along a cleavage line near the matrix, which cannot be seen except with the closest inspection.  I lowered the price from $300 when the crystal fell off and I repaired it.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC6791.  A slightly different angle. 
JC3401.  Barite, dolomite.  Cerro Huarihuayun, Miraflores nr Llata, Huamalalies prov., Huanuco dept, Peru.  5 x 7 cm.  $50.00.   A 4 cm  "flower" of barite on a stem of dolomite.  The top edge of the barite was emplaced against the pocket wall, which made the edge of the crystal rather rough looking. 
JC3401.  A side view of the piece. 
JC7679.   Barytocalcite.  Alston Moor, North Pennines, United Kingdom.   7 x 7 cm  335g.  $60.00.  A rather good specimen of this uncommon mineral for these days.   Two views are shown. 
JC7679.  Another view. 
JC8949.  Beryl (aquamarine) scepter.  Shigar valley, Skardu district, Baltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.   2.7 cm tall.  $50.00.  Neat little scepter thumbnail.  
JC7891.  Aquamarine, foitite.  Erongo mountains, Erongo region, Namibia.  5 x 5 cm  33g.  $90.00.   A 3.5 cm long white beryl with a green tip.  
JC7891.  Another view. 
JC7891.  Another view. 
JC7836.   Aquamarine, schorl.   Erongo mounntains, Erongo region, Namibia.  4 cm tall.  $50.00 A pale ice green crystal with schorl crystals covering the sides.  
JC7698.   Beryl var. Aquamarine, schorl.  Erongo, Usakos-Omaruru, Namibia.  5 x 8 cm tall.  50g.  $65.00.  Stack of pale ice blue crystals with schorl scattered around for contrast.  A black schorl crystal is implanted on the top terminations of the aquamarine. 
JC7698.  Another view. 
JC6233.  Beryl.  Trout Creek mine, Deep Creek mountains, Juab county, Utah.  3.5 x 5 cm  66g.  $10.00.   A bunch of crystals, very light blue, with minor muscovite. 
JC6233.  Back side.
JC3834.  Beryl - Aquamarine.  Erongo, Namibia.  2.5 x 4.2 cm.  6g.  $40.00   Doubly terminated crystals.     ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.     SOLD
JC7829.  Betafite.  Ambolotara, Betafo Commune, Betafo District, Vakinankaratra Region, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar  2.5 x 3 x 3 cm crystal.  $90.00.   Neatly zoned? crystal.  Not sure if it is zoned or just growth layering.
JC7829.  Another view.
JC7829.  Another view. 
JC8584.  Bixbyite, topaz.  Topaz mountain, Thomas range, Utah.  4 x 6 cm   50g.  $30.00  A 6mm crystal with a few tiny topaz crystals scattered about. 
JC8584.  Another view.
JC8584.  Close up view. 
JC8722.  Boleite.  Santa Rosalia, Boleo district, Municipio de Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  4 x 4.5 cm  33g.  $50.00.   A 4 mm and smaller crystal on the typical clay like matrix.      
JC8722.  Another view. 
JC8722.  Rather blurry close up.  
JC8521.   Boulangerite, marcasite.  Mina Noche Buena, Zacatecas, Mexico.   2.5 x 3 cm  5g.  $50.00.   A rare association specimen from this locality.  Mindat does not list marcasite from here, although the boulangerite looks fairly typical.   
JC9205.  Bournonite, pyrite, quartz  Viboras mine, Machacamarca, Machacamarca district, Cornelio Saavedra province, Potosi', Bolivia.   3.5 x 5 cm tall.  55g. with stand.  $150.00  Several crystals with bright satiny luster with minor quartz and pyrite.   Hard to find miniature from this location.  
JC9205.  Another view. 
JC9205.  Another view.
JC9205.  Another view.
JC9205.  Another view.
JC7748.  Bournonite.  Yaoganxian mine, Yizhang county, Hunan province, China.   3 x 4.5 cm  73g.  $180. 00   Two bright, silvery black crystals.  Some damage to the back side.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7748.  Bottom of the piece
JC7748.   Back side.  
JC7642.    Bournonite.  Quiruvilca Mine, Santiago de Chuco Province, La Libertad Department, Peru.  3 x 4.4 cm  18g.  $35.00.  Several crystals on matrix.  A couple are dinged and one is broken.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8168.  Brochantite.  Douglas Hill mine, Artesia Lake, Yerington district, Lyon county, Nevada.  6 x 8 cm  492g.  $60.00.  Emerald green brochantite crystals coat the face of this excellent specimen. Some of the brochantite is gemmy.  From an early 1990's discovery in the mine.  The photos do not do this specimen justice.   No more collectible material has been found since this discovery.  
JC8168.  Another view
JC8168.  Close up