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Minerals Beginning with   "D"

JC8536.   Danburite.  Aurora mine, Charcas, Mun. de Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  7.5 x 9 cm tall.  252g.  $250.00   Pale pink, with a bruise on the lower front.  Displays well.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8536.  Another view.  
JC8853.   Datolite.  Dal'negorsk, Kavalerovo mining district, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern region, Russia.   3.5 x 3.5 cm  39g.  $40.00.  A 2.2 cm crystal on matrix. 
JC8853.  Another view.  
JC8182.  Datolite, quartz.  Bor quarry, Dal'negorsk B deposit, Dal'negorsk, Kavalerovo mining district, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern region, Russia.  4.5 x 10 cm  154g.  $165.00.   Ice blue datolite crystals with glassy luster are scattered through a white quartz group of crystals.   The datolite is a little more obvious than the photos would indicate.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8182.  Another view.  
JC8182.  Another view.
JC8182.  Another view.
JC6695.  Demantoid.  Benitoite Gem mine area, San Benito county, California.   3.5 x 7 cm  70g.  $160.00.   Sawn back.  One of the better pieces of these I've seen in a while.  Crystals up to 6mm.   The crystals are hard to get a true color shot of.  They are a lime green with a hint of yellow/olive to them.  The color here is fairly close, although not exact.   Two views are shown. 
JC6695.  Another view. 
JC8519.  Descloizite.  Kleiner-Obr district, Kleiner Obir, Hochobir, Karawanken, Carinthia, Austria.  4 x 4.7 cm   71g.  $25.00.  Sparkly micro crystals coating the specimen.  One of those rare localities where specimens are almost never seen for sale.  
JC8519.  Another view.  
JC8033.  Descloizite, dolomite.  Berg Aukas, Grootfontein, Namibia.   3 x 5 cm  46g.  $100.00.   Nice sharp miniature.  Brown blades with small dolomite crystals scattered around.
JC8033.  Another view. 
JC8033.  Reverse.  
JC7315.  Descloizite, calcite.  Berg Aukas, Grootfontein, Namibia.   6 x 11.5 cm  246g.  $200.00.  Brilliant black crystals on what appears to have been a mold/cast, as it is hollow underneath.   Calcite coats the back of the top crystals.   There are a couple of broken crystals.  One is visible on the lower front center area.  Ex Willy Israel collection.     ON HOLD
JC7315.  Closer view.  The broken crystal is in the lower front, slightly left of center.
JC7315.  Another view.  I angled the shot to show the broken crystal in the center of the photo.  
JC7315.  Rotated frontwards, the calcite is visible partially coating the backs of the crystals. 
JC9047.  Diopside, melanite.  Serpentine Dome, San Benito county, California.  11 x 19 cm  >1000g.  $50.00.   30 or so years ago, these were typical of the diopside rich zones of melanite in this area.  This old timer generates from that time period, and may date back to the 1960's.   White/cream bladed diopside heavily coats the matrix, with myriads of tiny, sparkly melanite crystals interspersed throughout.   Rare to see these anymore.  
JC9047.  Another view.  
JC9047.  Closer view of left side.  
JC9047.  Closer view of right side.  Lots of sparkle as tiny white spots on the melanite crystals. 
JC9047. Real close view of area on left side. 
JC7169.  Diopside.  Khogyani, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan.  2.5 x 8 cm long.  45g.  $250.00.  A real rarity from Afghanistan.  Glassy, dark forest green group, doubly terminated.  The back side has some residual white silica (quartz?) as a fine grained white coating.  I searched all the Afghan dealers at the motel show, and this is the only one of these I found.  None of the dealers in the main show had any of these either   ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7169.  Another view. 
JC7169.  Reverse. 
JC9029.  Dioptase.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.   7 x 9 cm  281g.  $125.00.    Face mostly coated by quite sparkly small dioptase crystals.   Pretty.  
JC9029.   Another view. 
JC9029.  close up.  
JC8771.  Dioptase.  Altyn Tyube, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan.  7 x 8 cm  481g.  $75.00.   As seen .   Two views.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.


JC8771.  Another view.  
JC8469.  Dioptase.  Reneville, Kindanba district, Pool department, Republic of Congo.  5 x 7 cm  $275.00   Largest crystal is 1.6 cm, most are about 8mm in size.  Collected in the 1960's.   No damage.  Nice piece. 
JC8469.   Another view. 
JC8469.  I tilted the specimen a bit to give an idea of its look lying down. 
JC7771.   Dioptase.  Altyn-Tyube deposit, Kirghiz Steppes, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan.  5.5 x 6.5 cm  98g.  $150.00.   Nice sharp crystals in an etched calcite matrix.  Most commonly the dioptase crystals from here are buried in calcite and the calcite has to be etched away to reveal the dioptase crystals, as in this specimen.         ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7657.    Dioptase.  Altyn-Tyube deposit, Kirghiz Steppes, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan.   4.5 x 5 cm 62g.    $70.00.   Group of typical crystals on matrix.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8350.  Dolomite (cobaltian).  Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire).  4.5 x 6 cm  152g.  $50.00.   Pretty pink rhombs of this uncommon variety of dolomite. 
JC8350.  Another view. 
JC8350.  Close up view. 
JC8350.  Close up view. 
JC7338.   Dolomite (cobaltian).  Mashamba West mine, Katanga province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  5 x 6.5 cm  180g.  $75.00.   Hot pink dolomite.  Minor damage top center, easily viewed in the photo. 
JC7338.   Another view.