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9-22-15   The Paypal logo on the bottom of the New Arrivals and General Stock Pages is not working.  I'm working on it.  In order to make payment try:    when you go to Paypal. 

May 17, 2015    New Arrivals Page 3  has  been updated with a suite of mixed specimens with the usual emphasis on color.   Several older and very hard to find in the market these days, specimens from the Jordi Povill collection are featured in this update   A colorful update.  

March 16, 2015  New Arrivals Page 2  has been updated with a suite of epidote specimens from Mali.  A gentleman from Mali brought a nice batch of epidote and prehnite specimens from the Bendougou area diggings.  The specimens were uncleaned and covered with dirt.  I took a chance and bought 15 of them to see if they would clean up.  They cleaned up beautifully with nice bright wet look luster.  They are very difficult to photograph, as the dark green crystals have a tendency to sort of blend into each other when photographed.   They are all better in hand...nice looking specimens.   As they were uncleaned, the price was quite reasonable and I hope I have passed along this savings.  The prehnite specimens had been brought over in barrels, just dumped in without padding...they were a bit too beat up to purchase.   This is the final Tucson show 2018 update.  

March 1, 2018.    New Arrivals Page 1  has been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide minerals. Most of the specimens in this update have been obtained at the Tucson show, 2018.  Some very nice pieces in this update, as well as a few from less known locations.  Several specimens are from the Charles Noll collection, and date from the 1970-1980's time period; for instance a very fine Bolivian stibnite is shown here, from a mine that produced them in the late 1970's early 1980's. 

February 21, 2018  New Arrivals Page 4  has been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide minerals from miniature to cabinet sizes.  This is the 2nd Tucson show 2018 update.  Emphasis is on color, with azurite, vanadinite, epidote etc. Featured are a couple of very nice Pakistan epidotes, as well as azurite from Morocco and Laos. 

February 14, 2018.    New Arrivals Page 3  has  been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide minerals most acquired at the Tucson show 2018.

Tucson minerals:   New Stuff: New to me...epidote with albite Pakistan. Expensive, and no exact locality, and only a few pieces around at the dealers. No postings on the internet with it either as to exact locality, the few pieces I have seen simply say "Pakistan".   Hopefully I'll find out where in Pakistan it came from.  I picked up a couple for the site. 
New epidote from Peru...Lima dept this time. Big blocky crystals to several inches in pieces up to 50 lbs. or so. Also from same? location is clinozoisite in beige to brownish crystals...pretty good for size, but color not too exciting.
Ojuela mine: Nothing new at all. Hardly any hemimorphite, adamite, wulfenite etc. Just older pieces...nothing new from Mapimi at the wholesalers also.
Lots of Moroccan vanadinite...most of it dreck. Found one miner from Morocco on my last day when I was out of money...he had some killer pieces...says he mined them himself. bright red on white barite...good piece he had at $1000.  Still managed to find a few pieces for the site. 
Some new? azurite from Sidi Ayed, Morocco. Drusy, small crystals, totally coating some pieces. pretty.  I picked up a few of these for the site.  One really nice one. 
Some older pieces from the Charles Noll collection at Red Metal Minerals. Mostly collected during the 1980's or older, from what I could tell. ...majority needed cleaning. Some interesting locality pieces, so I added several of these for the site
Found a gentleman from Mali that had a bunch of the epidotes from there...covered with dirt and never been cleaned, but at great prices so I picked up a dozen or so pieces from miniatures to larger cabinet...they cleaned up rather nicely and more lustrous than most pieces from there. He had them with prehnite also, but had not wrapped them for shipment, just boxed them up loose and shipped, as a result the prehnite was mostly damaged, so I didn't get any of those.
Lots of Huanzala pyrite at ridiculous prices.......been tons of that stuff and they are pricing decent ones at $200 on way up, and most (90%) have some damage.
Azurite from Milpillas not coming out any more. According to Mike New (Top Gem Minerals) they have passed through the zone and no more for the past year. Prices all over the map on these.  I found a few pieces somewhat more reasonable for the site, also one nice cuprite. 

A fair amount of Las Vigas amethyst around at mostly quite high prices.  I managed to find a few not too terrible in price with nice esthetics.  Prices are significantly higher on the darker purple pieces; difficult to find cabinet specimens of good color for under $500.   

The plumbogummite from new coming out, and some dealers have discounted the ones they have left and other dealers (the majority) still have very high prices on them.

A fair amount of silver from the Bouismas mine in Morocco at one Moroccan dealer, but most Moroccan dealers had very little of it.   I managed to find one piece for the site.  
Sepon mine azurites not nearly as common as last year, and most of mediocre quality...drusy material for the most part. A few decent pieces here and there that I picked up for the site.  I suspect that the good pieces from there are not coming out anymore.  .
Tons of Chinese azurite from Liufengshan mine....literally...99% not worth bringing over here...that includes both the wholesalers and the Chinese dealers.  I found a few worth getting for the site. 
Tons, literally, again of Chinese fluorite...most at absurd prices considering the abundance of it.
Much less Chinese spessartine, very little around, and for the most part what I saw was of low quality, or if nice quality, way up in price.
Very little Chinese pyromorphite, and what was around was way up in price.
Cobaltoan calcite from the Congo also much less abundant; prices are up on those also.  I managed to find a couple of pieces for the site that aren't too absurd in price.   

Much less cobaltoan calcite from Morocco, and most that I saw was inferior and/or damaged.  I managed to find a couple of pieces for the site.

Nothing new from China that I saw.
Nothing new from the US that I saw

Overall absolutely overpriced on nearly everything...astronomical prices on mediocre material, especially amongst US/European dealers (my opinion of course).

I didn't attend the main show, and opted to head for home the 1st week in February...undoubtedly missed a lot, as there are hundreds of mineral dealers present at the Tucson show and environs...seems like nearly every street and corner near downtown Tucson had mineral dealers present.   














    We have adjusted the site to contain more pages under General Stock.  There are now 23 General Stock Pages.   There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4, which are the same.    In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, "A thru Ay", General Stock page 2 is "Azurite", General Stock page 3 is "B", General Stock page 4 is "C", General Stock page 5 is "D", General Stock page 6 is "E", General Stock page 7 is "F and G", General Stock Page 8 is "H, I, J, K", General Stock page 9 is "L and M", General Stock page 10 is "N and O", General Stock page 11 is "P through Py", General Stock page 12 is "Pyromorphite", General Stock page 13 is "Q", General Stock page 14 is "R", General Stock page 15 is "S", General Stock page 16 is "T", General Stock page 17 is "U and V", General Stock page 18 is "W", General Stock page 19 is "X, Y, and Z", General Stock page 20 is the "Nevada" page, General Stock page 21 is "Thumbnail" size specimens at 30% off original price, General Stock Page 22 is the first "Sale Page", General Stock page 23 is the 2nd "Sale Page".  General Stock page 24 is the 3rd "Sale Page".

December 2000
  We are a mineral dealership located in Reno, Nevada.  We are ardent field collectors and have been dealing in and collecting minerals for many years.   You can see us in person every year at the following shows:   San Francisco show in August and the Tucson show in February. 

I have been a mineral collector since I was taken underground at the Clayton Silver mine in Idaho at the ripe old age of 9, by my grandfather, who worked there as a foreman.  My first look at the mine's working  face of solid sparkling galena had me hooked on minerals from that moment on.  Since then I went on to get my Masters' degree in Geology with a focus on economics and mineralogy.    My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  I'm always on the lookout for pyromorphite specimens.  I am particularly interested in Canadian specimens.

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