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9-22-15   The Paypal logo on the bottom of the New Arrivals and General Stock Pages is not working.  I'm working on it.  In order to make payment try:    when you go to Paypal. 

April 7, 2020  New Arrivals Page 3 has been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide minerals in small cabinet to cabinet sizes.  This is the last update featuring mostly specimens purchased at the Tucson show 2020.  

March 28, 2020.    New Arrivals Page 1  has been updated with a mix of specimens, mostly obtained at the 2020 Tucson show.  This is the 4th Tucson minerals update, and I have one more to go that will have predominantly specimens purchased at Tucson  2020.    With the Wuhan virus going around, been awhile since I updated.  Now after being isolated for over two weeks, decided to go ahead and do an update.   I consolidated the other Tucson updates onto New Arrivals Page 2, these being the minerals that haven't sold as yet.   

March 1, 2020 .    New Arrivals Page 2   has  been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide minerals.  This is the 3rd post Tucson 2020 show update with specimens mostly purchased at the show.  Featured are some nice Moroccan vanadinites (they keep getting better and better), a pretty cabinet specimen of cobaltoan calcite, a fine pyrrhotite from Russia, a rare adamite from Russia, and the usual assortment of minerals with emphasis on color.  

February 13, 2020.    New Arrivals Page 4  has been updated with a suite of mixed minerals, with an emphasis on color.   The next several updates will feature mostly specimens acquired at the Tucson show, 2020.

I went to Tucson early this year, and left on Feb 3, so I undoubtedly missed quite a bit.  So here goes with what I did observe.  The general observation is that prices are ever increasing.  Not sure who buys these higher priced pieces.   It is getting increasing difficult to find good quality specimens for a $100 or less.   Seems like everywhere I looked, prices on specimens exceeded $1,000.     

Mexico;   other than the La Morita mine wulfenites, I didn't see any really new material from Mexico.  There was very little hemimorphite, mimetite, azurite, wulfenite, rosasite, conichalcite, adamite, mottramite, around in the various dealers.   What was present is mostly older material.   The La Morita mine wulfenites are very high priced for the quality.  Granted it is new material, but difficult to find any quality pieces for under $500.    Some nice, pretty barites from Chihuahua were somewhat plentiful.  These have somewhat stout crystals with great clarity and luster.  These listed as from Santa Barbara in Chihuahua.      

Asia:   Still a bit of azurite here and there from the Sepon mine in Laos; one newer thing from this mine was a small amount of botryoidal malachite with nice chatoyancy.  I didn't see much new from China.  Lots of fluorite everywhere.  I did notice fewer Chinese dealers...probably got stuck in China because of the Corona virus.   Still a fair amount of plumbogummite after pyromorphite with prices all over the place.  With care, small cabinet pieces could be found for under $200.  

Pakistan/Afghanistan:  Lots of the pretty yellow brucite around, with rather high prices.   Epidote from Skardu, supposedly from a single small find, were present here and there.  These that I saw didn't have the albite crystals sitting on them like earlier pieces, otherwise they look very similar.  Makes for pretty specimens.   Lots of the usual aquamarine specimens around, with the usual high prices.   Didn't see quite as much tourmaline as in the past, although the ones I did see are gorgeous and very high priced.  

Russian federation:  Quite a bit of  tourmaline from the Malhkan pegmatite.  Mostly single crystals in high prices.   Russian specimens in general are commanding high prices, as shown by the rapid increase in price on those great cuprites that came out several years ago, along with the native copper.

Peru & South America.   Quite a bit of the newer epidote/axinite combos around, these having astonishingly high prices.  Nice small cabinet specimens exceeding $100 were quite plentiful.   I didn't see much new in the Brazilian dealers other than some nice ludlamites in drusy coatings, some with vivianite crystals implanted on them.  

Lots of Huanzala pyrite around, 90% of which has damage.  Prices on the pyrite are also quite high for the most part.   Hard to find nice, undamaged small cabinet/cabinet specimens for under $100.    

Morocco:   Mibladen has been producing outstanding vanadinites this past year.  Better quality than I have seen in years as a general rule.  Lots of low end material also.   The good ones are really good with crystals exceeding 2.5 cm in many cases, with incredible red color.   Prices are quite high, with good pieces exceeding $1,000.     Not many cobaltoan calcites around of good quality...lots of low end material, but very little of real quality, and ones of good quality were generally over $500 for small cabinet/cabinet size pieces.     The native silver in/on calcite were nowhere near as common as in past years, and prices again have escalated quite a bit.  Nice small cabinet pieces generally ran $350 or so and higher.    One Moroccan dealer that I talked to claimed the mines are not producing these anymore.  

Africa exclusive of Morocco;    Usual lots of malachite.  Some of the newer dioptase was around...some with mimetite/wulfenite present on the specimens.  Prices quite high on these, with decent cabinet pieces running over $1,000. 









    We have adjusted the site to contain more pages under General Stock.  There are now 25 General Stock Pages.   There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4, which are the same.    In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, "A thru Ay", General Stock page 2 is "Azurite", General Stock page 3 is "B", General Stock page 4 is "C", General Stock page 5 is "D", General Stock page 6 is "E", General Stock page 7 is "F and G", General Stock Page 8 is "H, I, J, K", General Stock page 9 is "L and M", General Stock page 10 is "N and O", General Stock page 11 is "P through Py", General Stock page 12 is "Pyromorphite", General Stock page 13 is "Q", General Stock page 14 is "R", General Stock page 15 is "S", General Stock page 16 is "T", General Stock page 17 is "U and V", General Stock page 18 is "W", General Stock page 19 is "X, Y, and Z", General Stock page 20 is the "Nevada" page, General Stock page 21 is "Thumbnail" size specimens at 40% off original price, General Stock Page 22 is the first "Sale Page", General Stock page 23 is the 2nd "Sale Page".  General Stock page 24 is the 3rd "Sale Page".   General Stock Page 25 is now dedicated  to specimens over $300.     General Stock Page 26 is a bit of a misnomer.  I'm reserving it for photos from my collection, photos of interesting field trips and finds, and the like.   More of an information/fun page.   

December 2000
  We are a mineral dealership located in Reno, Nevada.  We are ardent field collectors and have been dealing in and collecting minerals for many years.   You can see us in person every year at the following shows:   San Francisco show in August and the Tucson show in February. 

I have been a mineral collector since I was taken underground at the Clayton Silver mine in Idaho at the ripe old age of 9, by my grandfather, who worked there as a foreman.  My first look at the mine's working  face of solid sparkling galena had me hooked on minerals from that moment on.  Since then I went on to get my Masters' degree in Geology with a focus on economics and mineralogy.    My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  I'm always on the lookout for pyromorphite specimens.  I am particularly interested in Canadian specimens.

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