Crystal Mine
P.O. Box 18941
Reno, NV  89511
Jack Crowley


2022; Me on a ladder collecting fluorite underground with my collecting partner in the background

Welcome to Crystal Mine Online! 
We will endeavor to update this site on a regular basis with new photos of minerals for sale.
We are active field collectors and we try to offer up at least one self collected specimen with each update on this site.  Because the material is self-collected, we can offer them at quite reasonable prices.  We will always do our best to offer our specimens at the lowest possible price, with minimum markup.  we are in the mineral business because it is fun!  You may see specimens here that appear to be lower in price for the quality  than you are used to seeing on other dealers sites.  We price specimens on how much we pay for them, not on how much we think the market will bear, like so many other dealers.  I think we all say that, however, I really do try to keep my prices reasonable. 



We do accept some consignments, feel free to contact us for details


We are always interested in acquiring new stock.  If you have something you feel may be of interest to us, please contact us for details.


My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  If you have pyromorphite specimens you would like to trade or sell, please contact me.  

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