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9-22-15     In order to make payment try:    when you go to Paypal.  Also, the search function is not working and so far I haven't figured out how to make it work.  pages are alphabetical...see below. 

September 15, 2023.    New Arrivals Page 2  has  been updated with a suite of mixed world wide minerals, including some large and old Broken Hill mine specimens, an old Bisbee cuprite, and an old Tsumeb azurite single from the Wilhelm Kegel collection.   Some neat things in this update.  

September 5, 2023. New Arrivals Page 1 has been updated with a suite of black vesuvianite crystals from the one time find at the Bill Waley Indian Allotment mine, in Drum Valley, Tulare county, California.   I first collected these from the Bill Waley Indian Allotment tungsten mine in Drum Valley, CA in 1972. They were in a cave type area in the mine, where the calcite had been dissolved away leaving the vesuvianite.   I wrote the location up in "California Geology", October 1974. Vol. 27, Article title: Loellingite and Black Vesuvianite from Tulare county, California. Pages 224-226. California Div. of Mines and Geology publication.  I long since sold my share.    My collecting partner, at the time, has had these stashed away ever since.  He recently found them in his storage and asked me to put them on the site, so here they are.  Mostly of interest as an odd color, and somewhat strange form for vesuvianite.  A one time find, nothing is left of these, and a rare occurrence for vesuvianite.   It has been suggested that these might be wiluite...I compared the x-ray diffraction pattern I took of these, and it appears to be closer to vesuvianite, although the diffraction pattern for wiluite and vesuvianite are very close in appearance.  

 August 25, 2023.    New Arrivals Page 4 has been updated with a suite of mixed world wide minerals, including some  from the collection acquired last year.   A number of additional minerals have been added to the sale pages, General Stock Pages 21, 22 & 23, at 30% to 40% off.   The small thumbnail gold specimens from Olinghouse I thought might be a bit overpriced, so I moved them to General Stock Page 23 at 30% off.    

July 28, 2023  New Arrivals Page 3 has been updated with a suite of mixed  specimens.  There are several odd ball things from the collection I acquired last year.  A couple of small cut gems, synthetic quartz crystal from Russia, micro diamonds in vials, rutile needles in vials, and a suite of two miniatures and several small thumbnails of crystallized gold from the Olinghouse gold mine, Washoe county, Nevada, that were collected several years ago when these were coming out.  Not much gold from there is coming out these days







January 12, 2023  Sale Pages General Stock pages 22, 23, 24 have been updated with additional deductions on all sale minerals.  All sale minerals are now 40 to 50 percent off, with a few at 60% off. 









 We have adjusted the site to contain more pages under General Stock.  There are now 25 General Stock Pages.   There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4, which are the same.    In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, "A thru Ay", General Stock page 2 is "Azurite", General Stock page 3 is "B", General Stock page 4 is "C", General Stock page 5 is "D", General Stock page 6 is "E", General Stock page 7 is "F and G", General Stock Page 8 is "H, I, J, K", General Stock page 9 is "L and M", General Stock page 10 is "N and O", General Stock page 11 is "P through Py", General Stock page 12 is "Pyromorphite", General Stock page 13 is "Q", General Stock page 14 is "R", General Stock page 15 is "S", General Stock page 16 is "T", General Stock page 17 is "U and V", General Stock page 18 is "W", General Stock page 19 is "X, Y, and Z", General Stock page 20 is the "Nevada" page, General Stock page 21 is "Thumbnail" size specimens at 40% off original price, General Stock Page 22 is the first "Sale Page", General Stock page 23 is the 2nd "Sale Page".  General Stock page 24 is the 3rd "Sale Page".   General Stock Page 25 is now dedicated  to specimens over $300.     General Stock Page 26 is a bit of a misnomer.  I'm reserving it for photos from my collection, photos of interesting field trips and finds, and the like.   More of an information/fun page.   

December 2000
  We are a mineral dealership located in Reno, Nevada.  We are ardent field collectors and have been dealing in and collecting minerals for many years.  

I have been a mineral collector since I was taken underground at the Clayton Silver mine in Idaho at the ripe old age of 9, by my grandfather, who worked there as a foreman.  My first look at the mine's working  face of solid sparkling galena had me hooked on minerals from that moment on.  Since then I went on to get my Masters' degree in Geology with a focus on economics and mineralogy.    My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  I'm always on the lookout for pyromorphite specimens.  I am particularly interested in Canadian specimens.

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