Crystal Mine
P.O. Box 18941
Reno, NV  89511
Jack Crowley



We do not at this time accept credit cards.  Minerals will normally be sent out within 3 days of receiving your paypal payment or check.  Buyers with a proven credit history or that send a money order will usually have their specimen sent out within 48 hours unless we are out of town on a collecting trip or at a show.  We offer Paypal as a convenient way to pay for specimens with your credit card.   My Paypal address is:  Crystal Mine (Jack Crowley) and the e-mail address for Paypal is:

 If you request a hold on a specimen, I will hold it for 3 days pending arrival of your payment.  If no payment has been received by the end of 3 days, the hold on the specimen will be removed and it will be placed back into stock.  If for some reason you cannot pay for the specimen within 3 days, please e-mail or call me to make other arrangements. 

Postage and insurance is not included in the price of orders under $1,000.00.   For domestic (within U.S.) shipping,  assume the shipping charge will be $18, unless the specimen and package is relatively small/and or light in weight, in which case the cheapest way to ship is by ground mail, and prices vary with this, beginning at $7.  I will refund the difference to you if the postage and insurance is less than this amount.    I usually ship by medium or large flat rate boxes for larger orders.   Specimens or orders over $1,200.00 will have the postage and insurance paid by us.  On a trial basis I have decided to cover the cost of postage on returned specimens.  If you do not care for the specimen, return it to me as outlined above and I will send you payment for your postage cost.  

All specimens are guaranteed.  If for any reason you do not like the specimen return it to the Crystal Mine in the same condition as you received it, within 5 days of receipt.  Please e-mail or phone me if you intend to return the specimen so that I can watch for it.  

Specimens sent out of country with a total value of $2,000 or greater will be sent via Federal Express.  This will cost approximately $50.  I will pay the 1st $25, the buyer will be responsible for the remainder.  This is a very safe way to send specimens and well worth the extra cost. 

To pay by check please indicate the JC number of the specimen, the name of the mineral, and the price.  This will be sufficient to accurately identify the mineral.  Please make out the check to JACK CROWLEY.   To pay by PayPal please do the same.  Indicate the JC number of the specimen, the name of the mineral, and its price.  Either call me or send me an e-mail indicating the specimen you want and I will hold it until your check or money order arrives.  

Please make out all checks to "Jack Crowley"; thanks. 




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